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About Us

From Press Distribution Services to Complete Supply Chain Solutions

At Kronos Press Distribution Agency Ltd,  we ‘ve been delivering across Cyprus, since 1986, to every single neighborhood, at the most distant locations. Distributing 85% of the local Press, 100% of Greek Press and the most prestigious international titles, we proudly lead the market.

However, we never stopped looking ahead and evolving. Thus, capitalizing on our accumulated experience, knowledge, expertise and established network while investing in cutting-edge technology, we offer state-of-the-art logistics solutions.


Going to more than 1.000 retailers on a daily basis!

Through all these years, we managed to establish a broad distribution network mainly consisted of kiosks, convenient stores, and super-markets throughout Cyprus.

We have also developed a sophisticated software handling our transactions and invested in cutting-edge technology to achieve automation of the most significant tasks such as rout planning, packaging and returns handling.


Our team of dedicated professionals, is our most valuable asset!

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