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What Exactly Is Logistics?
The total process of managing how resources are acquired, stored, and transported to their eventual destination is referred to as logistics. Identification of potential distributors and suppliers, as well as their effectiveness and accessibility, are all part of logistics management. Logisticians are the term used to describe logistics managers.

The term “logistics” was coined by the military to describe how military personnel purchased, stored, and moved equipment and supplies. The phrase is increasingly frequently used in the business world to describe how resources are handled and transferred along the supply chain, particularly by organizations in the manufacturing industry.

In simple terms, the goal of logistics management is to have the right amount of a resource or input at the right time, getting it to the appropriate location in proper condition, and delivering it to the correct internal or external customer.

Since the 1960s, the concept of corporate logistics has evolved. The growing complexity of supplying businesses with the goods and resources they require, as well as the global expansion of supply chains, has created a demand for supply chain logisticians.

The modern era’s technological development, along with the complexity of logistics procedures, has created logistics management software and specialized logistics-focused organizations that help transfer resources around the supply chain more quickly. The overall inventiveness and effectiveness of their operations along every link of the supply chain is one reason why huge online retailers like Amazon have grown to dominate the retail scene.

Manufacturing organizations can choose to outsource logistics management to specialists or manage logistics in-house if it is more cost-effective.